Super performance and tremendous momentum

Professionally configured in one step!

The scooter weighs 7.2 kilometers in total
with electronic variable speed.
Its frame is made of carbon fiber and painted with color changing.

7.2 kg in total

It is hard to imagine that is a car's weight

Weight of core parts
Frame: 850 g
Front fork: 340 g
Seat post: 218 g

Note: the above weight does not include 5% of manufacturing tolerance.


From three core manufacturing technology

High modulus
carbon fiber

Comprehensive application of different
levels of carbon fiber Different interlayer
arrangementsfor different pipe fittings

Smaller deformation in frame!

Embrace tough challenge

According to test data of 750 models of road frame released by German EFBe laboratory which is known for being rigorous, rigidity and vertical regression of QiCYCLE R1c frame rank top, and effect and the comfort of power transmission are in an excellent balance.

High-rigidity bearing wheel set

QiCYCLE R1c road bicycle is equipped with high-rigidity bearing wheel set, which
only weighs 1600 g, and its 6 pawls give you more stable stepping output.

Higher security

Front fork is 100% X-rayed.

Each front fork is X-rayed using the quality inspection technique special
for Boeing aircraft to ensure fiber orientation of strength sensitive components (IDEFO) and safety of drivers.

Classic black painting

The body is in modest but classic matt
black, full of mystery and surging power.

Higher security

With three spraying processes and color changing to light reflection of special mica
powder, you can see four to six colors from different angles.

Bound to iRiding APP for easy access to core data

With iRiding APP, you can get core sports data, improve riding through cloud analysis
and professional data reports, and communicate and share experience with millions of cyclists.

Vehicle configuration 

Frame geometry 

Test and certification