QiCYCLE children's bicycle for riding and gliding

Two-in-one丨Ergonomics design丨Round and cute

Suitable for children 90 cm – 110 cm high

A big toy makes child happy
and parents rest assured

Every child deserves a bicycle

QiCYCLE children's bicycle is one of the best gifts for children!!
We combine bicycle with balance bike and create a new bicycle,
which can help children keep balance, do more exercise,
make them more independent and have more possibilities.

Easy to learn and helpful in keeping balance
and developing courage.

2-year-old baby is big enough to learn to keep balance.
Balance bike is easy to learn, an ideal playmate for baby,
Happy childhood starts right with a push bike!

The first bicycle
to develop children's independence

As children grow up, balance bike cannot satisfy their desire for exploration
into riding.In this case, with this product, you only need to install a pedal,
and balance bike turns into a children’s bicycle.Children can go to square,mountain
forest and beach. They can enjoy carefree childhood while they are exercising.

Note: this product has no auxiliary wheel.

Simple to change mode

Only five screws and a few simple steps can easily turn balance bike into a children’s bicycle. Bike structure
remains the same during installation, thus avoiding hidden danger due to incorrect operation
and protecting children all round. It is a really dual-use bike!

This beautiful, amusing and
changeable bike is the perfect gift for children.

The saddle is adjustable within a range of 342 - 372 mm, and up to 410 - 436 mm high with a special extension seat post. This product has passed CCC certification, GB14746 - 2006 standard test and ROHSenvironmental test in compliance with relevant regulations in security, performance,environmental protection, etc.