QiCYCLE EUNI electric scooter

Designed by German iF Design Award winner


LG/Panasonic’s power lithium battery

Riding data detection

Speed, mileage and electric quantity

Foldable and portable

Folded with one click and easy to drag

Less is more

Simple lines enough to make you energetic

Folding or riding immediately

Folded with one click and dragged with patent flywheel

EUNi electric scooter designed to be foldable and easy to store
Folded as follows:
Pull up metal handle of the pedal, and the scooter is folded on hearing the handlebar clattering.
Then, airplane wheel is exposed, meaning it is ready to drag.


Details change the world

After parked, the scooter can stand by itself without
leaning against wall or rails or being supported by kickstand.
Only a gentle pull of handle till bottom of the pedal touches the ground can make it stand.
Let EUNi electric scooter wait for another riding.

Enjoy light city life and new experience

Speed up to 20 km/h丨Capable of 20 km range before recharging丨Climbing angle of 12 degree丨Contribute to light city life, share new experience

Guarantee 1+1, go wherever you want

To prevent unnecessary injury when scooter flies off due to accidental collision,
EUNi is set to start in the mode of initial speed + handlebar. In the case that the scooter is at rest or initial speed is less than 4 km/h,
electronic system is capable of automatic identification without power output even if one turns the handlebar.

Intelligent trip computer +

Real-time data display, vehicle control switch

Double safety brake

Electronic + manual (rear wheel) dual power-off brake system not only
can provide swift and effective braking force but also can prevent imbalance
in case of locking due to excessive braking force

Climb slope easily

12° slope is not a problem for EUNi
electric scooter equipped with 250 w high-power motor.
Large torque makes climbing easier.

Operate steadily under various
climatic conditions

QiCYCLE EUNI electric scooterWaterproof grade of IPX5 makes
it easily cope with bad weather Riding in a rainy day
or at night is especially dangerous. Please drive carefully.

Powered by LG/Panasonic’s power lithium battery

QiCYCLE EUNI electric scooter Powered by imported LG/Panasonic’s power lithium battery
Total capacity of standard version is 5200mAh/187.2Wh, and that
of high-end version (easily covering about 25 kilometers) is 6400mAh/230.4Wh.

Intelligent BMS battery management system

The system is capable of acquiring status (voltage, temperature,
cycle of charge and discharge) of battery in real time, balancing and coordinating each battery,

meeting needs of power output at any time and providing charge and discharge protection

Perfect tyre combination

Front wheel of the scooter is equipped with good quality pneumatic tyre to ease bumping,
and rear wheel with non-pneumatic air core rubber tyre, maintenance-free for a lifetime, to avoid a flat tyre.

Whole vehicle in compliance with global electric scooter standard

EUNi electric scooter complies with American ASTM F – 2641 standard.
Handlebar and vertical pipe go through 5000 simulated push-pull tests.
Its body is made of 6061 high-strength aircraft-grade alloy, enough to withstand 3 times of load.

Vehicle manager

EUNi electric scooter can be connected to your phone through Bluetooth.
If someone tends to ride your scooter after it is locked, it won’t start and will whistle and give alarms.
You can see current speed on your phone, synchronize riding data and keep track of status in real time.

Details change the world

Long-wheelbase anti-skid pedal promises larger and more comfortable standing space.
The scooter is equipped with mud guard in front and rear, lock buckle, anti-skid TPR handlebar,
etc. to make it look beautiful and drive comfortable.