Folding Pedelec

Torque-sensor Pedal Assistance enables easy riding
  • 45km

    Average mileage
  • TMM* Torque-sensor
    Pedal Assistance

    Perfectly combine human-power
    with electronic assist power.
  • Real-time information

    Speed, distance, power,
    power meter, calories
  • Foldable

    Foldable and portable design

Torque-sensor Pedal Assistance

Amplifying human power while riding.

Incredible riding experience
with intelligent design

Torque-sensor: delivering the pedalling data
to MC (motor controller).

Pedalling: Torque-sensor, mentioned in ③,
will sense your pedalling.

MC (motor controller): to calculate how much e-power is needed to amplify human power.

Motor: to drive the front wheel move forward.

250W high speed brushless motor

Bike computer

with real-time information

  • Assistant mode
  • Riding data monitor
  • Bicycle status detection
  • Riding statistics

4 assistant modes
To assist in different riding

Pedalling power:
Electric power assistance:
  • Training mode

    Without electric power assistance

  • Eco-mode

    To assist in pedalling with 50% electric power.
    Low electric power assuming, long mileage assistance

  • Balance mode

    To assist in pedalling with 100% electric power.
    Balance the electric power assistance with human power.

  • Boost mode

    To assist in pedalling with 150% electric power.
    Helping a lot in uphill riding or rapid cycling

Everyday riding data monitor

Intelligent APP
The "bike-keeper", a travel-helper

Riding data monitor, Ride statistics, Bicycle status detection, Navigation

Lithium-ion battery
the same type of Tesla

low weight with big battery

Shimano Nexus 3-speed Hub
Happy riding while no e-power

Foldable design, a portable bike